Radio airplay


Kansas City (MO) Public Radio  "Night Tides" (Renee Blanche)


WYHR, Baton Rouge, LA                  "The Clearing"

         Fairbanks, Alaska        "NightLights"

  Milwaukee, Wisconsin    "Instrumental Saturdays"

        Allentown, PA   "Thought Radio"

  West Haven, CT        "The Show With No Name" (Damon Lucibello)

   Fairfield, CT    "Sunday CD Spotlight"

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada       "Shades of Classics" (John Iverson)

  WYSO, Yellow Springs, OH    "Alpha Rhythms"

Sonoma County, California      "The Night Traveler"

 Harborough FM, Leicestershire, England       “Hawke Chill Out Sessions” (Terry Hawke)

   Cupertino, CA

    Grand Junction, CO

  Blue Hill/Bangor, Maine    "Morning Maine"

  WFCF  St. Augustine, FL     "WINGS with Angel & Brian"



Enlightened Piano Radio

   One World Music Radio (on Live 365 Network)

             Heart Dance Radio (on Live 365 Network)

                     Our Place Radio

         Journeyscapes    (on Live 365 Network)

         Essence Piano Radio, Madrid Spain

   Gaia Prime

(on Live 365 Network)
(on Live 365 Network)

Tracks from the CD have been heard by Jango listeners in The Philippines, Japan, Colombia, India, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Nigeria,  Mexico, Portugal, Indonesia, Bahamas, Turkey, Luxembourg, Dominican Republic, Israel, Uruguay, Malaysia, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Taiwan, Great Britain,  Serbia, Lebanon, Venezuela, Thailand, South Korea, Hungary, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Italy, Ukraine. Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Namibia, Sweden, Suriname, The Netherlands, Finland, Bolivia, The Cayman Islands, Panama, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Albania, Peru, Romania, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Cayman Islands  and the US.