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Home Again

by Loren Evarts

Released 2018
Otter Records
Released 2018
Otter Records
A collection of piano instrumental pieces produced by Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman. Pair with a nice Shiraz. (But, please, not while driving!)
Liner Notes:

A Day on the Concord River- My “shortened” tribute to the 1849 book ‘A Week of the Concord and Merrimack Rivers’ by Henrt Thoreau..

Dugong Dance- While I have never actually seen these “sea cows” of the Indian and western Pacific Ocean in person, I have encountered their cousin, the manatee. Do Dugongs dance? Well, why shouldn’t they.

Far and Away- This piece bookends nicely with ‘Home Again.’

Ktaadn- A spelling variation of Mt. Katahdin in Maine. The one time I tried to hike it I was turned back by a snowstorm near the summit. Hope to try again someday.

Sunset Island- A re-recorded tune from my 1985 album ‘Water Music.’ This came from ‘St. John River Suite.’

Evensong- I have always been inspired by choral evensong when I have visited numerous medieval cathedrals in England. An often-transcendent experience.

Home Again- I had originally named this piece ‘Pooh Sticks’, but feared a potential Disney lawsuit. Caution won out in this case. (If you don’t know what Pooh Sticks is, please ask a parent.)

Outermost House- One of my favorite books is ‘Outermost House’ (1928) by Henry Beston. It chronicles his year living alone on the dunes of Cape Cod. I also recommend ‘Northern Farm’ by him. (His wife, Elizabeth Coatsworth, was a wonderful author as well.)

Wedding at Sunrise- This could be very early, depending on what month it is.

Baker Lake- Another re-recorded tune taken from ‘St. John River Suite.’

Nine Mile Bridge- One final re-recorded piece taken from ‘St. John River Suite.’ The title is from a 1945 book written by Helen Hamlin about living on the St. John River in Maine.

The Good Life- Helen and Scott Nearing wrote ‘Living the Good Life: How to Live Sanely and Simply in a Troubled World’ in 1954, about their life in Vermont. A classic worth reading. (The Good Life is also the title of a 1970’s BBC TV show that I loved. It became The Good Neighbors when it was shown in the US.)

Produced by Will Ackerman with Tom Eaton.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tom Eaton.
Recorded during the Autumn of 2017 at Imaginary Road Studios, Windham Co. VT.
Cover art is a handmade paper piece entitled “Columbia Farm” by Stephen Gatter.
Photograph by Harold Shapiro.
Logo by Diane Lewis.
The piano used on this recording is a Steinway B.

All songs composed by Loren Evarts (BMI).