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Home Again

by Loren Evarts

Released 2018
Otter Records
Released 2018
Otter Records
A collection of piano instrumental pieces produced by Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman. Pair with a nice Shiraz. (But, please, not while driving!)
Liner Notes:

A Day on the Concord River- My “shortened” tribute to the 1849 book ‘A Week of the Concord and Merrimack Rivers’ by Henrt Thoreau..

Dugong Dance- While I have never actually seen these “sea cows” of the Indian and western Pacific Ocean in person, I have encountered their cousin, the manatee. Do Dugongs dance? Well, why shouldn’t they.

Far and Away- This piece bookends nicely with ‘Home Again.’

Ktaadn- A spelling variation of …
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